LAURA TILLEY/THE FOUND SPACE  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ヾ*★)゚*・.。

An artist, creative, and music lover growing up in Tasmania, Australia.

As a child Laura often found herself sifting through her dad's tapes and records, making mix-tapes for car rides titled 'Kids Kompilation,' and recording herself playing piano. She has always loved creating and expressing herself through art and music, it has continued to be a huge part of her personality.

Moving to Melbourne in the summer of 2015 to follow her creativity, her constant struggle with mental health left her at a standstill. Battling with friendships, romantic love and her own self love, it all got too much which left her at a point in her life where she was about to end it all, but she was brave enough to turn around and change this. The Found Space started as a result of unhappiness, to be a space of happiness. A community where she could create, connect and engage with individuals like her. It was through here that she made strong friendships that would last a lifetime. 

From that point onwards, (September 2015) she took care of herself. She dropped out of University, returned home to her family and the seaside with no plans so decided to travel. In May 2016, she explored Japan feeling as though she was re-connecting with who she wanted to be, healing past sufferings and focusing on self love. Solo travel was incredibly hard for her, especially being alone but all that time has made her a stronger and more focused person. 

It is now November 2016 and Laura is 21 years old. She wants this space to continue to grow, nurture and enlighten people who are on a path of unhappiness. She wants you to discover new music, appreciate music and encourage you to lead the life you want to lead.  Laura wants you to be on this journey with her, to self-love, appreciation and ultimately happiness. 


"you gotta hear this one song, it'll change your life I promise you" - Garden State



Any ideas? Want to collaborate? Share music? Be friends? lets create together.

Instagram: @lauraatilley