Driving Tunes



Originally this was a playlist of 10 songs. (the ultimate number in my mind), and it was for my significant other to listen to on his big adventure up the East Coast of Australia.. But Spotify has this great thing where you can see what people are listening too, so when I saw he had begun the playlist I just kept adding to it while he was listening.. essentially I took up my usual position of being the passenger DJ, but I wasn't even there. We had a fun two hours listening to the same songs. I miss you. 


HALF MOON RUN X The Found Space


Credit: Jennifer McCord photography (www.jennifermccordphoto.com)

Credit: Jennifer McCord photography (www.jennifermccordphoto.com)

I chat to Conner Molander from Half Moon Run. He plays guitarist, vocals and keyboard in the band. I found Half Moon Run when I was 17, and was drawn to them because of the intense song structures, harmonising vocals and underground piano riffs. Have a read, a listen and I guarantee your heart will feel something great. 

Credit: Jennifer McCord photography  (www.jennifermccordphoto.com)

Credit: Jennifer McCord photography  (www.jennifermccordphoto.com)

Who and what inspires your music? 

Like most people, music was seeping into our lives before we were even fully conscious of it. When you’re a kid and you have a favourite song to dance to, it inspires you. I suppose the four of us were drawn towards music to the extent that we were compelled to commit our lives to making it, and I think that you’re constantly chasing that intangible feeling of excitement and fulfilment that you felt before you could even form the thoughts to understand what it was you were feeling. The joy of being a musician is that the music opens up a form of expression that supplements human communication is a unique, abstract and very profound way. The inspiration for what is being expressed can come from literally anything. 

Describe what happiness is, and what it means to you?

What a question! Where do I start?  Happiness can’t be pinned down. I think I know what it feels like to be happy. The nature of that feeling is elusive and ever-evolving. It certainly defies my ability to describe it. I think our human relationships have the most significant bearing on on our happiness (as opposed to material pleasures or indulgences of the body). 

What has been a career highlight?

We’ve been able to travel all over the world, almost to an absurd extent, and I’m grateful for that and have many wonderful memories. The connection we’ve formed with our fans in our home city of Montreal has also yielded some amazing moments… when we did four shows in a row in April, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed waking up in my own house and heading downtown for the show every evening… reflecting now, that weekend was a highlight of my entire life, actually. 

Favourite and least favourite thing about being on tour?

My favourite part of being on tour is playing the show. I could go on and on about the parts of touring I don’t like, but I can’t complain. 

If you could teleport anywhere right now, where would you go and why? 

I would teleport to our jamspace because it’s snowing out and taking transit in this weather is going to be a drag. 





A collaborative playlist made by me, Jess (photographed), and all of you. 

Optional times for listening to the playlist: 

- When your having a bad day

- An all girl sleepover 

- When your wearing pink and walking down the street looking awesome 

- When you have pink fluffy earrings 

 - When you are being a goddess and being YOU

- After a run and you are feeling good 

- When you see an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend

- Cleaning the house

- When you are finally over someones shit

- Drinking Rosé 

- On a road trip with your girlfriends 

- Anytime you are with your girlfriends 

- When you are having a sad self love day

- When you are having a good self love day

- When the music at a party is shit (put this on)

- When you feel like being a badass chick who runs the world