A collaborative playlist made by me, Jess (photographed), and all of you. 

Optional times for listening to the playlist: 

- When your having a bad day

- An all girl sleepover 

- When your wearing pink and walking down the street looking awesome 

- When you have pink fluffy earrings 

 - When you are being a goddess and being YOU

- After a run and you are feeling good 

- When you see an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend

- Cleaning the house

- When you are finally over someones shit

- Drinking Rosé 

- On a road trip with your girlfriends 

- Anytime you are with your girlfriends 

- When you are having a sad self love day

- When you are having a good self love day

- When the music at a party is shit (put this on)

- When you feel like being a badass chick who runs the world