Whats the best thing thats happened to you today? Seeing Aunty Donna, they were pretty funny. Having a burger, it was a beef and bacon burger, it was pretty good. I also went for a swim that was really nice!! Whats your favourite thing about The Falls Festival? Seeing the acts, seeing people you usually wouldn't see and them coming to Tasmania! I am looking forward to Childish Gambino, I like any of the songs where he mentions his mamma. But I'm more excited for Jamie T, i've loved him for about 4 years - he had a show I missed in Melbourne last year. If you could only bring three things to a festival, what would they be? Alcohol, a camera and a good outfit. I actually don't have a good outfit today* 

*editors note: I think it's cute. 

Childish Gambino - Me And Your Mama

Jamie T - Shelia

Vallis Alps - Oh! 

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Tell me about the outfit you are wearing? My colourful shirt is from Rome. These shorts are also from Rome, and I've got the gumboots purely for conveniance. And the thick socks because the gumboots are too big. And i'm eating an orange to keep up my vitiman C levels. I've also got sunglasses to keep the rays off my face, and in-case you see someone you don't want to see. Whats the best thing thats happened today? The beach was so nice this morning. It was warm but only once you get numb, it was nice seeing everyone down there. Who are you most excited to see at The Falls Festival? Matt Corby and DMA'S. Well I met the DMA'S in Madrid in a small bar after their concert, and we were chatting and they asked if me and my friend wanted to go with them to some bars so we did, they then found out we were Tasmanian so invited us along to Falls Festival (got some nice tickets!). My brother here owes me a lot for the free ticket :P 

Mumford And Sons - Hot Gates

Matt Corby - Light Home

Solomon Burke - Cry To Me

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What are you doing at The Falls Festival today? At the moment i'm having a drink, we just had some amazing food, oysters and salmon! We are going to chill for a bit and then see some bands! Who are you most excited to see? Probably The Avalanches and Childish Gambino. Best thing thats happened so far? Seeing one of my best friends, she seems so happy it was awesome running into her! If you could bring three things to a festival, what would they be? Alcohol, clothes are an obvious, sunglasses (which I am really regretting right now) I think thats all I need! 

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anenome

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - (Any song by them!!)

Ty Segall - You're The Doctor

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Best thing that has happened to you today? Strapping up Max's knee in the save a knee tent, then he gave me a brilliant poncho raincoat. Glitter or no glitter? Glitter of course as you can see!!! It's a festival vibe. You have to do it. Favourite thing about The Falls Festival? everyones here, and you have no responsibilities basically. If you could only bring three things to a festival, what would they be? Lip balm, thats essential. Also I would bring a bit of glitter, and a nice hat. Whoa are you most excited to see? Catfish and the Bottlemen. 

Kita Alexander - Damage Done

Hazel English - Make It Better

Catfish And The Bottlemen - 7

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Best thing thats happened to you today? I had a play in the mud! Just a jump around. I've just learnt to accept and embrace the mud, you don't get this every year. I got to meet Tom Tilley too! I fan girled out. He was really nice. If you could only take three things to a festival, what would they be? A solid pair of shoes. I do a lot of walking all the time. A cool hat and a funky piece of clothing that makes me stand out, like my raincoat! Who are you looking forward to seeing? I know a lot of Childish Gambino rap, so i'm ready to drop them and release them to the world. I'm also ready to hear his new stuff, it will be quite funky!  If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Potatoes. I think about this all the time. They are so versatile, chips, mashed, boiled, potato cakes... they are the best food in the world!

Flume - My Boo (Like A Version) 

Odesza - Say My Name

Christine And The Queens - Tilted


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Best thing that has happened to you today? I had tacos and hot chips at the same time. I had a good swim, Jordan did a beardy (drinking beer from a beard), the sun is out and this massage your giving me is pretty good, saw my friend Stacey, i'm looking forward to seeing some nice bands later on. If you could only bring three things to a festival what would they be? A party shirt, ice and a good attitude!! What do you enjoy about The Falls Festival? Everyone is in such a good frame of mind, unwinding from their big and busy lives, everyone just letting go and having a really great time! If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Toasted sandwiches, (if I can have different fillings every time)

Catfish And The Bottlemen - 7

DMA'S - Your Low 

The Avalanches - Colours



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Who are you most excited to see at The Falls Festival? Golden Features last night was really good, Violent Soho tonight will be awesome to bring in the new year too! If you could only bring three things to a festival what would they be? friendship, love and a good attitude! What would your dream festival be like? I would have it super close to the beach, still camping, I would have a mixture of great sing-along bands and electronic drops and BYO drinks! If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? Tuna sandwhiches! Thats all I bring to Falls every year,  12 rolls and 12 cans of tuna! Best thing thats happened to you today? This interview with you !

DMA'S - Believe (Like A Version) 

Golden Features - Funeral

Violent Soho - Covered In Chrome

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Describe your music taste?  I really love The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, and I always listen to your 70's playlist on Spotify..! But I like a heap of things, mostly older music. I like the sound way better. But I also love Death Cab For Cutie, so it's a mix of everything. When I was younger I always listened to the top 40, and then when I got into high school I became friends with a girl who was really into Jeff Buckley and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and that sort of made me look out of the pop world! It made me want to search for more music, rather than listen to whatever was on the radio. What is the best band you have seen live? Probably The Rolling Stones, I saw them in Melbourne 2 years ago, it was the day before one of my exams but I just had to go. What are you scared of? I use to be terrified of being murdered. I was convinced! I couldn't watch any scary movie, was terrified of the dark... but the last few years I've gotten into some older, scary movies like The Shining and Nightmare on Elm Street, and thats helped me with my fear heaps! How would you describe happiness? I would describe it as the moment when you feel completely free, and completely full at the same time. For example when you go on a huge walk and reach the top of the mountain and can look back from where you came from, but it can also be walking along the street and you see a flower, or having a moment to yourself after a busy week. Just feeling completely full. I think I am a happy person, it is something I have been working on alot of this year, more than just being happy - being happy in myself is my biggest goal. It's getting there. Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good is incredibly important. I think living in Melbourne I became disconnected with people a lot, you are so anonymous, I didn't even really like people for a long time. I've come back here and i've met so many great people, who are like minded, and everyone is so friendly. I feel so inspired by people again! What is something you think everyone should try at least once? Do something you wouldn't usually do, like jump into a cold river, or when you are at the beach go swimming and really experience everything. People can get caught up taking the photo, or looking through Snapchat. Experiencing the moment exactly as it is, I think once you start doing that then you appreciate these moments a lot more. If you could teleport anywhere right now where would it be? I would probably teleport to Germany. Because when I travelled to Europe it was just my favourite place. Or Japan! I can't wait to experience more of the world. Ultimate road trip band? I'm a huge Paul Kelly fan. I found that when I was driving through the North West of Tasmania by myself, I always put him on. He did an album with Neil Finn. It was the perfect summer kinda music, it was so freeing. 




Describe your music taste Well it's very influenced by alot of people, to describe it would be tricky. It's influenced by my dad, thats been huge. And my friends and the road-trips we go on, you take what you like out of those trips which is nice. What are some of your favourite bands? Well lately i've been listening to heaps of The Beatles, they have such a range of stuff. Listening to a heap of Arcade Fire too. My favourite of all time are The Eels, I always come back to them. Best band you have seen live? Grizzly Bear were awesome at Falls Festival, it was cool because it was me and this one other mate and it was the best. Bruce Springsteen was amazing live too, as a show it was rad. Sufjan Stevens was magical, different than the others but magical. What makes you uncomfortable? I guess, many social situations make me uncomfortable unfortunately, part of the struggle but thats okay. Speaking. Just lots of social situations. What are you currently obsessed with? I'm really enjoying reality TV at the moment, which is really interesting. I'm not sure why that is, I think it's nice that it's always on. It's a comfort. How would you describe happiness? It's being absolutely yourself. 100%. and just feeling like you don't have to be anyone else, you can be truly yourself in every sense of the word and not holding back at all. Being and saying exactly who you are. Also when you have these realizations, when your writing something down, or anything, when your feeling content and just be accepting of the moment right now. If you could teleport somewhere right now where would it be? It would be to Waterfall Bay, at Eagle Hawk Neck - where you can walk right down to where the water comes off the cliff. Favourite day of the week and why? Monday if i'm not working, start of the week, I can be productive. Then if I am working, it would be Sunday because I always forget that Survivor is on and then you tell me it's on and i'm stoked.


Owens Playlist

Radiohead - Weird Fishes

Tame Impala - Why Won't They Talk To Me

Sufjan Stevens - Chicago

Gorillaz - Don't Get Lost In Heaven/Demon Days

Gomez - Girlshapedlovedrug





Describe your music taste? It's a bit of everything really. Mostly indie pop, alternative I guess! I'll occasionally shamefully listen to Justin Bieber. I always listen to music, on the weekends, going to the gym. Favourite band you have seen live? Ball Park Music is definitely up there, and Architecture In Helsinki.  I would love to see Florence and the Machine, that would be incredible. I'm seeing Paul Dempsey on Saturday and i'm really excited about that. What makes you uncomfortable? When people are rude to other people, and when people are judgemental - especially when with a group of people. Just negativity in general. Current Obsession? Avocados. Always. They are at a good price now! My favourite combo is just avocado on toast. How would you describe happiness? Not having things to worry about. Having things around you that bring you happiness and joy; the little things. Time to yourself on the weekends, going out for coffee, meeting new people, watering my plants. If you could teleport somewhere right now, where would it be? I want to go to Iceland, hopefully i'm going to be going there next year for my medical elective. Favourite day of the week and why? The day before Friday, it's nearly the weekend and that feels good! 







Describe your music taste? Something kinda, extra terrestrial; the beginning of the song the atmosphere is set, some various voices and samples of people speaking (that classic one of the guy talking about democracy). And i've been recently listening to a bit of funk - so a funk bass line will come in and it will slowly progress, without you really realizing it, until the point that you do realize that you are standing up and dancing. A song that tricks you into dancing is a good song. What are some of your favourite bands? I've always been a fan of Bon Iver, I think he's really good. His new stuff is kinda like when Chet Faker and Flume did that song, Drop The Game and I thought it was stupid, but a month or so later I fucking loved it. I'm still waiting for that moment with his new album though. I listen to Rufus heaps, especially their newer stuff. I loved their song 'Inner Bloom' it's very atmospheric. Kool And The Gang, i've been listening to heaps of them recently. They were this awesome band years ago, they are funky with a bit of hip-hop! They play this song that in my old share-house, was our theme tune. It's called 'Get Down On It' Best band you have seen live? Vallis Alps, at Party In The Paddock. Because I was working there, I got to go backstage and meet them. It was me, this Canadian Journalist student and Hugh; (he was there but he wasn't really there), and the band members. They were telling us the story of how they met; one is from Seattle and the other from Canberra, and they met in Israel which is random, and then got along and were both making music at the time. He went back to Seattle and was working in a studio, and he had it free for a few weeks so called up the girl from Canberra and for some reason she was flexible enough to fly over there and they made their first album! So it was as if the story, and getting to know them made the performance, it was more personal. What makes you uncomfortable? If you are having a conversation with someone, and it doesn't start off very well then it can very quickly spiral into uncomfortableness. You know your doing it when you have a sip of water and you are not really thirsty. Oh also bad coffee art. What makes you happy? I often find it's when I am being observational in a situation. For example if you are out with friends, or having lunch and there is a break in your involvement in the conversation - and you can sit back and just observe the situation and how great it is. I do like having my hobbies, the feeling of getting things done; a nice design finished, or a knitting project, or editing a film i've been working on. It's good to know that as well, so if I am feeling stressed or down I know what I can fall back on. If you could teleport anywhere right now, where would it be? can it be back in time? My favourite bar in Hobart is called 'South Seas;' you can fit about 12 people in there, its a Tiki bar. I'd like to teleport to the place where the Tiki bar was invented as such, the south part of America, Caribbean area I think. They have these amazing cups back then which we don't appreciate now, also it was in the 60's so the music then was awesome.






Met this lady in Byron with my beautiful friend Gabi. We shared some great times and connected through our tattoos symbolising a love for space and something bigger in the world. 

Describe your music taste? It's a mix between carefree/alternative music.. psychedelic rock! I love the sound of Ball Park Music, and Tame Impala! I could never live without music, it dictates my mood! If i'm in a good mood it will be emphasised by music, and if i'm in a sad or nostalgic mood it will ease the pain. Bands you have seen live? Coldplay was amazing. Ball Park Music blows me away every time. Bluejuice! It was their second last show so they went off.  What makes you uncomfortable? Eyeballs!!!! I have this weird fear of eyeballs, getting things in them, touching them.. popping.. Current obsession? Avocado on toast with a tonne of salt. I know thats not, exciting. But avocado on toast. It's just SO good! How would you describe happiness? This feeling, I always get it when i'm driving and it's golden hour when the suns just about to set and i'm listening to good music, the weather is beautiful and you are just so content with everything. Contentment is a really nice form of happiness. Ultimate road trip song? Just for our sake Gabi, Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten. Windows down, singing along with your friends. So good. What achievements are you proud of? I'm proud of going and travelling Europe solo for three months, that was really tough but i'm glad I did it. And i'm proud that I listened to myself when I was at Uni in Brisbane and was not enjoying it and decided to move back to Byron to study instead. It's hard to go against the grain, and that felt great. Favourite day of the week? Fridays, the excitement for the weekend of course! "Yes, its here"!!!! 





Describe your music taste? Indie-rock. I couldn't live without music, I always listen when I study.. In the car.. In the bath.. all the time!!! Whats the best band you have seen live? I have seen alot of people! Can I list a few? Florence and the Machine, M83, Tame Impala! Open'er Festival in Poland was where I saw all of them. Monsters of Men would be my favourite though, I saw them in Sydney at a really intimate show a while ago. What makes you uncomfortable? Interviews... oh god. Alot of things. I hate being around people who are stressed out, I like relaxing environments which is hard to find at Uni. What makes you happy? umm my family, and friends and Tasmania! Tassie is the best place ever for happiness, all the beaches and wilderness is so great. Socks, and stationary also! I'm a stationary snob. What achievements are you proud of? Going to Poland to study for 6 months.. I can't believe I lasted that long away from my family and Tassie. I am so happy I did it though. I did it so easily, and I would do it again. But maybe not so far away. Favourite food? Nachos. I nearly died when I was in Poland because you couldn't buy the right ingredients for them. If you could teleport anywhere right now, where would it be? Bay Of Fires! It's literally my favourite place in the whole world and it's right here in Tassie! There is nobody there and it's so great. 







I met Chloe in Wanaka, NZ and she took me to the most beautiful cafe. 

Describe your music taste? I like alot of stuff. I guess I like electronic and alternative. I have moods where I like different music. Sometimes i'm into more chilled out music, and sometimes more electronic depending on how i'm feeling. I couldn't live without music, i'm always always listening to music. It's always on my mind. What makes you uncomfortable? People who think they are better than you are. I don't really like being by myself in public, I like to be with someone most of the time. What are you currently obsessed with? Ok i'm going to confess, i'm really into Korean music. My friends were into it and showed me this song, and I loved it, and now i'm hooked. I'm really into that, and from there I found heaps of Korean fashion Instagrams which are really inspiring me. How would you describe happiness? Feeling at peace, or feeling completely comfortable. Having fun in your life and feeling like you belong! I am a pretty happy person, because I know whats coming for my future which makes me excited and happy. I don't feel like i'm at my potential yet for my happiness, but I can feel it!!! If you could teleport anywhere right now, where would it be? NEW YORK! Just the amount of people I see there, that are doing amazing things, doing what they love, the opportunities they are given there. And it's also just beautiful! I'm really attracted to the streets there! Favourite day of the week? Saturdays, it's my first sleep-in of the week after waking up for school every day. 


Zach & Jaime


I met Jaime when I first travelled to Japan in January 2015, this time we reunited with her lover at an arts, music and surf festival in Japan and then again in Tokyo to eat coconut icecream and talk music. These two are adorable and I cannot wait to visit them again soon. 

What type of music do you like? Zach: There is fewer that I don't like, like country. Jaime: I don't like Opera very much.. Zach: Indie-rock, Hip-hop, alternative. Do you have a first memory of really getting into music? Zach: Probably Church when I was younger. JaimeI grew up playing the Violin, so that and listening to Abba and The Beatles in my mom's car. Zach: Oh yeah listening to Sting on road trips. What made you decide that you wanted to start making music together? Zach: For me, it has always been an interest of mine. Kinda a 'what if' kinda thing. I was almost going to drop out of school and pursue it 100%, I was talked out of it thank god but ah it has always been something I wanted to try. Jaime: I graduated college and then came back here thinking I was going to pursue something in entertainment, singing or performance. So I think that when I met Zach, and we sat at the airport just talking about heaps of music, and I was letting him listen to singing videos that I had on my phone and he would show me his guitar riffs; that was the first time that we met. I never put myself out there, and Zach never put himself out there so I think the fact that we found someone else that has these interests and talents, we are both in it together. From there we just started posting stuff online! Ultimately, where would you like to get to with music? Zach: Have an album. JJaime: If I can have just like, 100 real fans haha. People that are invested in our music, and want to listen to our music. Even gathering 100 is hard. Are there any particular artists that have influenced your music? Zach: Ben Gibbard, who is the lead vocalist for Death Cab for Cutie. Jaime: For Zach it's more about style and guitar, for me it's voice specifically. Tame Impala oh my god. Zach: From a sound perspective, they know how to rock. Head and the Heart as well, just because I was able to see them go from such a small time band to now in a couple of years, it's not the most far fetched thing.  What do you like about each other? Zach: I think the biggest thing is that Jamie pushes me to pursue creative things, whereas I wouldn't without here - I think I would be in a pretty boring place if I didn't have her in my life. I think it's nice to have someone pushing you, it's motivating. Jaime: I think for me, for example when I am upset about something or when i'm stressed out; he knows how to deal with my emotions so well. Sometimes you just need a hug and someone to be silly around, instead of them giving you advice - and I like that Zach does that. He knows exactly when to show me something from Spongebob and we will laugh it off. He doesn't take things too seriously and he knows I usually don't either. What makes you happy? JaimeCoconut ice cream... actually anything coconut. I frickin' love coconut. Music, fashion is huge for me. Food as well! Cooking and creating! Oh and puppies make us real happy Zach: Spongebob. 

Check out their music! @zachtojay




 living in Japan now for almost three years, she loves film photography and adventures. We caught up for a walk through the Bamboo forest in Kyoto and drank ramune next to the river. 

What type of music do you like to listen too? Ah I like to listen to mostly punk, metal, hardcore.. That kinda stuff. I've always been into that style, when I was about 11 I found a Distillers CD in a shop, and the picture on the front was a big barking dog - and I thought; that looks cool and scary so I bought it and I listen to Distillers for the first time and thought oh my fucking god this is music, and this is angry music,  and an angry lady who's fucking cool as fuck, and hey, girls can be angry, we can make music and be angry. So from 11 years old that was that. I listen to a lot of death metal too, just because I wanted something a bit heavier. Have you been to any live gigs in Japan? The best live bands I've seen are when foreign bands who come to Japan - and when foreign bands come to Japan they really tear it up because Japanese kids love it, and there is a good atmosphere. Bands like Trash Talk who I saw in Tokyo, that kinda thing. How do you find most of your new music?  I found a lot of new music a few years ago when I was in a hardcore band in the UK. So we would play with 5/7 bands a month - we would swap CD's which was awesome. Tell me more about the band you were in? My band was a beat down hardcore band. We were first playing shows in shitty Brighton venues (but they were good shows, good fun shows), and then we progressed onto London, and outside of London. I played the bass, I would love to persue music in Japan, but with work and photography and all the other stuff i'm doing unfortunately there is no way in hell I have time right now . And Japanese band kids are so dedicated, they practice 5 days a week - and I can't do that. That's what I miss about living in Brighton and the UK is that, every week 5 awesome bands are playing a show somewhere and you can walk 10 minutes from your house to go see them. What do you enjoy about photography? I started taking photos when I would take a disposable camera to hardcore shows in the UK - and it grew from there. Photography is kinda a thing I do, and I can't not do it anymore - it's a way I deal with everything. So if I'm lost, I don't feel lost because I have a camera with me, and I think of it as exploration and that's fine. And everything I do seems more interesting when I'm taking pictures, and it's great to get them developed three or four weeks later; and you didn't see them at the time because they are film, and you get to relive it. Who or what inspires you? I think it's my family, maybe not inspiration but motivation. When I think everything's gone to shit, I just chat with my parents and I'm like, ok I can keep going. Things would be landscapes, buildings, human imagination - anything natural really. You get addicted to mountains and forests. And people who work hard. Where is home for you? Home is the West Coast of Wales. I'm half Welsh, my mum is a mixed heritage - I'm half gypsy scum with no home. My great grandma got disowned by her gypsy family because her house didn't have wheels, we don't have birth certificates on that side of the family. I think that's where the travel thing comes from... I hate the word wanderlust; it's just what pretentious white girls use to excuse the fact that they don't want to get a job... But a lot of people are concerned at the fact I left home to live in a different country, but for me it's not a big deal. And I could see myself one day dropping Japan and going off into the mountains, I have a habit of habitually just fucking off and going somewhere that's far away. When you go really really far away from where you are from, you start realising that the connection is something that goes way before you were even born - and when I am on the West Coast, looking at the sea and the mountains, that's home. 







How would you describe your music taste?  Growing up my parents played a lot of classical music, folk, traditional, jazz, and Leonard Cohen (he's like his own genre). I still like all of that. Now though I listen to a lot of electronic music, kinda chill-wavy or a bit more upbeat. I love music that simultaneously makes me relaxed, and want to dance. I don't love just one genre, one artist. Have you ever seen any good live gigs?   I havn't been to much - but I have seen Feist with my dad, and I went to Bon Iver. I went by myself and it was pretty cool, it was standing room only and I stood at the back because I was super lonely and I felt sad that I couldn't share it with anyone but it was incredible. What makes you happy?   This is gonna sound super cheesy - but I feel happy when I feel like I'm connected with my authentic self. Randomly throughout the day, particularly when I'm in very beautiful nature moments, in the mountain I feel happy - it's like a sense of awe at what is happening, that is just like the deeper happiness I think. I think those are the moments when happiness catches you off guard, you don't realise what is happening, but then it's really, authentically happy, awestruck. But in my day to day life when do I feel happy? It's when I choose to. Happiness is so close to unhappiness a lot of the time for me, so I just decide, or when I remember. Or when I remember something is worth being  happy about - which is a lot of the time. What are you passionate about? I'm passionate about the world waking up, to a lot of the things that we have been taught as a society - and I feel we suffer because what we have inherited in many ways, like social conditioning, what we think is OK versus what isn't, health and lifestyle... I'm passionate about talking about that kinda stuff, and talking about things like mental illness and eating disorders, and I'm passionate about veganism but basically because of all those reasons. I feel like my purpose for being alive, and therefore my passion is to add more happiness and health to every part of the world, I just want to see more equaility.  What drew you to the vegan lifestyle, and why do you think it's important? My family has always been aware of conscious and ethical food choices, and when I moved to Japan some of those choices were not available; for example I couldn't buy free range eggs, or milk - so I really started questioning why. I looked online, and couldn't find any information on ethical food in Japan, I found the worse and I learnt a lot more about the animal industry globally. I didn't go vegan overnight, it took me a few months. Meanwhile I was recovering from an eating disorder, something I have had for several years - anorexia and then bulimic and then what happens with a lot of people after a period of very restrictive eating, I was binging all the time and I wasn't throwing up anymore but I had a very unhealthy relationship with food, a lot of it to do with confusion and a lot of emotion, frustration at society, insecurity about myself - but I was mainly generally confusion of food and I was finding it so hard to recover because eating like a normal person just didn't feel right, and when I started learning about veganism everything I had struggled with before made sense, and why these foods didn't make me feel good, why I always wanted to eat more, why I cared about animal cruelty - it all started to make sense and I decided I would give it a try and see how it felt for my body and my mind. When I started eating vegan I started eating a lot of carbohydrates, everything changed - I felt way better right away, my cravings disappeared, I had more energy, I was rebalancing my weight. And then I just started to connect more with everything, my food, with the animals, with other people. It just fell into place. I think it's important because there are a lot of other people struggling with the same things as me, whether they realise it and I think it's important to get the message out there. We live in an era now where everyone is on diets and they think meat is healthy, and we have just become so numb to the reality and the compassionate side of eating. We need to make use of the healing powers plants have and it is a solution to so many problems that we have on the planet, health issues, environmental issues  and animal cruelty and violence in animals. Stop looking at it like 'going vegan' or changing or doing something dramatic, start thinking about veganism in a general sense of how can I be more connected to myself and to humanity, and to my impact on my health. Please think about your true core values, and what you value in yourself as a human being - and ask yourself how your lifestyle can be more aligned to that, and never doubt your power, and your ability to make an impact. And to change yourself, and other people through what you do. 






What type of music do you like to listen to? I really like the Black Eyed Peas. Because they always think about social issues.  I like listening to music in the car usually. What makes you happy? My hobbies, that make me happy are reading a book, meeting new people and travel. Who or what inspires you? I like people who want to change the world, like Martin Luther King. He wanted to change discrimination.  What is your favourite day of the week? Haha I don't know!  Monday, because it's the start of the week - you can set good intentions. Where do you want to travel too next? South Pole! Because that is the only continent I have not been too, so I would like to go there. I have been to 80 countries.  I would like to see penguins! My ideal place. Where is home for you? Earth! I have a lot of homes, for example when I was studying in Brazil; I have a home there. When I was in Africa I also feel at home there. But where I feel comfortable is in Chiba, that is where my family is, I was born there.  







 one half of the lovely hot-springs, cafe & guesthouse; Motoyu Awakuraonsen this place must be on your list for Japan it is seriously beautiful. 

What type of music do you like to listen to? This type of music that is playing in the cafe, piano music! What makes you happy? My family and our staff, that makes me really happy. Who/what inspires you? My husband. I like helping him, he has a lot of things he wants to do and I want to help. Where would you like to travel too? This is difficult, so far I have travelled to Taiwan, Indonesia, Greenland, Spain, Italy, Belgium. I would like to go to Australia! What is your favourite day of the week? Wednesday! Because we are closed. Haha. Rest day.. We usually eat all day with staff and friends and spend the day together.   



Mome's favourite artist 

Takagi Masakatsu 

- Wave Of Light  

- Girls  

- Nijiko (tiny piano)