What are you wearing? I Love Ugly striped Jersey, and black cuffed joggers. Top must have item for winter in Melbourne? Probably a wind breaker, something waterproof - definitely a waterproof jacket. Favourite store? I Love Ugly. It's the one brand I relate to in terms of style, everything they put out I love. Whats your favourite day of the week and why? Friday. Because you have so much time ahead of you. Pretty stereotypical but you just have so much time (two whole days) Where is home for you? Wherever I feel comfortable, wherever I can kick back and relax. Who are you listening to this week? Cyril Harn.  What makes you happy? I think, i like feeling like i have no obligation to do anything, like i'm free - just knowing that I am able to relax and have nothing to worry about. What has made you happy today? Today i'd say being productive however, getting up and having breakfast with you was really good, and I'm about to go study and be more productive - it was nice not going out and then doing heaps today, things I want to do. If you had 30 minutes to live, what would you do? Holy crap. Ok. Wow. (yes it can be anything) Probably just hang out with my close friends and family, at a pool or something, being an absolute dickhead just jumping around - i'd just go crazy.

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Angus' Playlist

Flying lotus - Getting There feat. Niki Randa

 Maribou State - Moon Circles

Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me

Cyril Hahn - Perfect Form feat. shy girls