What are you wearing today? Batman undies and bright orange socks. Where is home for you? I've moved around a whole lot, i've lived in five different houses in the last three years. I find home is familiar areas, visiting the family home, going down to the shack, Places you have spent a lot of time at, places you can reminisce about. Home is just the title of places that bring you comfortable, easy going, relaxing emotions.What achievements are you proud of? I'm proud of my now independence, I think thats pretty important. I'm proud of how far i've come in the past couple of years, I guess i've changed alot as a person. Favourite day the week and why? Friday! Everyone leaves work on a happy note, all excited for the weekend. No one is hungover yet so everyone is always excited to do things and make plans. What has made you happy today? I like doing something unusual and unexpected, going to the chocolate bar was nice, you have got to try different things. What song without a doubt will get you up and about? Moondance, it's groovy and makes your shoulders pop. How would you describe your music taste? I enjoy listening to instrumental music, the songs that make you feel all the feels without having to iterate them into over symbolic verses. In saying that though simple music with a special l vocalist who can articulate a song through there tone, i dunno i like all sorts at different times. Jazz for relaxing and grooving, rock for the campfire and driving.

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