What are you wearing today?  Seed boyfriend white jeans, Senso heels, Gorman top and Mimco purse. How would you define your style? Minimalist, often monochrome. yep.  Describe yourself in two words? Oh. god. Simple and happy!  Describe your ideal date? A really nice restaurant, red wine and then go to a bar and have cocktails - shout of the boy. Pretty much what me and Kurt do every weekend. Lucky me. (Maybe end with going to a club) !  What has made you happy today? The thought of dinner at 8Bit! thats pretty much it. What song will always get you up and about? Defiantly not steal my girl by one direction. (dislocated my knee to that song).  Senorita, Justin Timberlake.  Whats a typical Sunday night for you? Probably hungover in bed watching movies, early night, pj's oh and a cup of tea. If you had one more hour to live, what would you do? Have a good feed. Eat. Food is defiantly involved. Eat absolutely anything. It would be in New York, Paris, eating good quality food with a red. Good company as well, just eating. 

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