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Occupation: Freelance photographer and content creator

What are you wearing today? I'm wearing a maxi skirt thats covered in daisies from an op-shop in Byron. This jacket is from a vintage store in Paris (it's the most cliche story ever - Tiane and I were walking and we found this little store, and we went in and it was filled with designer gems for 20 euros, it was crazy. How would you define your style? A mix of very chilled, laid back kinda style from growing up in Byron, but then also influences from street style. What are you constantly thinking about? Where i want to go to next - travel wise. I'm always thinking about New York, New Zealand - going to Scandinavia things like that. What does happiness mean to you? Waking up every day and um, just feeling and being excited to live and experience the day. What has made you happy today? You guys! I think anything like this, going out for breakfast, doing a shoot with close friends of mine - this has made me very happy. What is your usual form of procrastination? Social media. I hate that I said that.. but its true. Your ultimate travel destination? Probably, oh yep staying in a little cabin thats just of a lake, surrounded by a pine forest with my best friends, a van, and just cooking good food and going out on the lake every day.  I think around Oregon in the states, thats the ultimate destination, in the autumn. (Did you plan this question Gabi?!!). I'd like this to happen on a Thursday, around 3pm when the sun is slowly setting - but it's still warm enough to go for a swim. What does home mean to you and where is home? Home to me is being by the ocean, with the sun shining and having my loved ones around. Home is Byron Bay. What song or artist will always get you up and about? My Girl by The Temptations - It's my go to song, its on every one of my playlists!

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