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What are you wearing today? A Palace t-shirt, Lacoste socks, ah some jeans and I think i'm wearing Ralph underwear, some Doc Martens and a Levis Jacket. How would you define your style? Lamborghini Mumma. I wake up of a morning and put on black, although I did go through a stage of wearing colourful socks. Whats the worse thing you have ever eaten? I've eaten alot of really bad things. Yesterday at work I ate a whole chilli just for giggles, I don't know why..... I was crying. I had a raw snail one time, we were working with them and they said we all had to try it. It was gross. Whats your favourite day of the week and why? Sundays when I don't have to work, they are the most relaxing day of all time, you can just sit back, read the paper. What achievements are you proud of? Damn. I can tie my shoelaces pretty well... I am proud of running a kitchen at the age of 19, I think thats a pretty good achievement. How would you describe happiness? Oh man. Thats the hardest question of all. My life goal - that describes happiness. I like simple things, stretching my toes, coffee. If you had one hour to live what would you do? A whole lot of really ignorant things. I'd get myself an Uber Black, bottles of Moet probably just stand up out of the top of the Uber and call out things, heck i'd probably just, I don't know, I'd like to find the most genuine homeless dude and give him penthouse accommodation for him and all his friends, and then I would get ignorant with them. I would also probably, I would  steal a car as i've always wanted to be in a car chase - to see how good of a driver I am. Yep.

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