Occupation: Full time babe. I work at a cafe, I model, but I would just say i'm a creative!

What are you wearing today? I'm wearing my black Tony Bianco boots with a pair of Topshop mum jeans that I have distressed, and i'm wearing my nan's old shirt from the 70's which is made of cheesecloth. Who would you like to swap bodies with for a day? All of a sudden everyone in the world has escaped from my mind,oh shit. Someone like Amy Shumer, she's a comedian/actress, just because she's so curvy - she has such a full body whereas i'm tiny, it would be nice to have curves and a womanly body for once. I was thinking about Rebel Wilson too. What was your most embarrassing moment? Um well this morning I got off the train and tripped down the stairs, in front of all these really cute boys. And that was just like 'okay daijah' - the handrail saved my life. It could have been tragic. What does happiness mean to you? I guess its subjective, um but to me it's having enough confidence in what I do -being loved and loving what i'm doing. And having a total positive vibe, I thinks that happiness essentially. I wouldn't put it down to anything materialistic thats subject to change. Just having a good home life, and being really sure of who I am. What makes you uncomfortable? I could go for days on fears that I have, something that makes me uncomfortable  if I could pinpoint it specifically is the ocean, it's really beautiful but i'm just so scared of sea animals, the deep and the unknown makes me really uncomfortable. I'm also not 100% sure on the dark either, I don't know if i'm ever going to grow out of that. Favourite day of the week and why? Wednesday. It reminds me of Wednesday Adams from The Adams Family - not because of 'on Wednesday's we wear pink' or anything. I work full-time on a casual contract, so I work weekends, so I may as well go Wednesday because I like the name. If you had one hour to live what would you do? Jesus. I'm in panic mode. I'd probably, gather my family for one and I would go for a picnic I think, pick fresh flowers, 'be one with nature' for the last hour of my life. Just being surrounded by people that loved me.

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