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What are you wearing today? Vintage Overalls.. and a top from a friend, and some socks and i'll put some Docs on eventually.... (can you make this sound cool though)  How would you define your style? Well, somedays I am just really girly - and then somedays I won't care and dress like a boy. So it changes.  Where is home to you? Clifton Beach, Tassie, Bicheno. My family is here, and the beach!  What has made you happy this week? I quit my job!!! So now I can do nothing. Happiness is when everything is good, being with friends and family. When the suns out. What are you obsessed with currently? Listening to the radio. I always listen to the radio. Always. No matter where I am. In my car, radio. When I get home, turn the radio on.  Describe your ideal date? Eating fish n chips on the beach. Whats your favourite season and why? Autumn. Because the air always smells nice! It actually does. It's always so nice when you go outside. What band or song gets you up and about? Um. Um I have a lot, at the moment - Royal Headache. If you had one hour to live what would you do? I reckon I would get all my family and friends and have a massive BBQ in my backyard. Or maybe at the beach. And then we would all go surfing!

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Jacquie's playlist

Royal Headache - Another World

The Killers - Mr Brightside

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon