Jas & Mack


What are you wearing today?Mack: Insight shorts, a long-sleeve tee and Vollys.Jas: I'm wearing Zanerobue top and some old overalls, oh and some banana socks. How would you define each others style?Jas: Oh geez, ok his style is old school/surfy/skaty/I don't even know. Mack: I'd say old school surf. Yours is about the same really, old school vintage - i don't mean old old.. Jas: WHAT! Thats interesting. Mack: Ok how about 'earthy.' Seeing as you two are getting married soon, what are your thoughts on societies perception of marriage at a young age?Jas: Alright I think that the importance of marriage has been lost in today's society - people are getting married later and for the wrong reasons. Mack: You see people our age and they have had kids and they get married just for that purpose, I mean now you are going to be really unhappy. I think people do it just because they have to. Jas: If you find the right person you know!!! I feel like when you tell someone  your getting married, they say oh how do you know, you havn't even found yourself, you have to go and experience the world - but why not do that with someone that you love. What are you currently obsessed with?Jas: I'm obsessed with taking photos - of everything,  I take my camera everywhere. Mack: Oh my gosh sometimes it's so bad. There might be one little purple plant and she has to stop. I get obsessed with making music and playing guitar. And adventures!!!!!!! (write that down). What  is your background music?Mack: Well if we are cooking dinner then - really funky music. And if it's road tripping then it's very cruisy, windows down kinda music. We have both grown up on really old school music. Jas: There isn't a day when you walk into my house and there isn't music playing. What three things do you like about each other?Jas: His smile - that's pretty good. Umm he is always in high spirits, he always makes people feel happy. I don't like his hair. I actually really love how you dance, it's really daggy I love it.  Mack: I love how quirky you are. Your fingers, you have the cutest little baby hands ever (Jas: Don't put that in, that's seedy). Your smile is pretty cute also. Oh your laugh! You have the funniest laugh ever - it's the way you laugh when I hurt myself. Favourite adventure snack?Jas: C'mon are you serious! Fairybread! Mack: It was lollies - but i'm vegan now.. I reckon sweet n salty popcorn! Jas: Anything sweet! What does happiness mean to you?Mack: I'm gonna go ahead and say Jas. Jas: I think it's a bunch of things really - not one specific thing. Happiness is appreciating what we have. Mack: Home is the key. Family and friends also.

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