How would you define your style? Kind of a mix between street style and crazy vintage. A weird collection of things. Today I've got my Nike's and a random 70's shirt. Who inspires you daily? Probably Alex - he inspires me to do different things. And alot of bloggers, i always have my favourites up on tabs. And my sister (she's pretty cool now, she didn't use to be). What makes you happy? I guess i'm my most happiest when there is nothing to do and I can do what I want - if it's perfect weather, and I love having everyone I love around me. There is no agenda. Happiness is not having to depend on anyone else for your own happiness, self-love. It's so hard to do but the little moments when you do, it's awesome. Do you have a new years resolution? It's the same from last year... which is maybe join a gym.... I did join a gym for 2 months this year.. olympic weightlifting. Whats your most prized possession? I want to say my phone but it's not. The only thing would be my journals - i've been keeping them since I was 10. It has been tracking my life for 9 years now. If you could teleport yourself somewhere right now where would it be? Scotland, the far north-west coast. Even though i'm going there very soon, ah its just my home away from home. It is my childhood - it's so beautiful. Theres no phone reception there, no internet - there is 22 people in the town where I am from. What frustrates you? I hate the people that asks the surveys in the mall, there is nothing that frustrates me more. And people who walk too slowly, on the wrong side of the pavement. Have you had a turning point in your life? I think i've had two, one was moving back here from Scotland. I had an awful primary/high school in the UK - I got bullied because I cut all my hair off for fun and wore eyeliner, people thought that was weird but when I moved here I could totally re-invent that and I could do what I want to do. I studied music and art, I could be myself. And the other one has been this year, y'know how everyone says "you don't need toxic people in your life," well me and my best friend... broke up as you would say. It was sad but really good, we just didn't mesh anymore but since then i've felt really good. This whole year (2015) was just figuring out what I want to do - and that was a start.

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