Allan & Finn



How did Close Counters begin? Allan: There was a band called The Scientists of Modern Music - who were quite similar to us. And we were both in attendance at one of their last show, I was 17 and Finn was 15 and then we both realised we were familiar faces to one another and we both figured out we lived in Taroona - so we had a jam and exchanged some tunes! Finn: There is a movie called Close Encounters - and our first gig we sampled alot of the music from it as an intro, but we have never actually seen the movie. Allan: We are going to save it for some real special occasion - maybe when we headline Coachella or something we will just put the movie on. What makes you guys different from any other band? Finn: I think, aside from whats trendy at the moment. We both have a very similar learning style, we both play jazz piano and I think combining that with the electronic music is something a bit different. When we play live we also like to jam a bit and some of the visuals we source from different places gives us an original spin. Who are your influences? Finn: Melodically I think we tie alot of our influences from soul, jazz and funk sources - but textually its from bands like Disclosure. These days its getting a bit more organic in the texture - instead of using generic electronic sounds we sample from other things, for example in our latest single there is a typewriter recording that has been distorted. Allan: A funk artist would be Cortex and Fusion. What are you currently obsessed with? Allan: Collecting vinyl. Finn: Purposely we are trying to tone down on that though, to save up. One vinyl is a couple of days living.. Finn: We are both obsessed with making songs too, the only thing stopping us is time and commitments. Ultimate travel destination? Allan:  It would be sweet to go to America. We are both pretty into our hip-hop, so it would be cool to see it at its roots. The good rappers we see are accomplished, touring ones, so it would be cool to see the equivalent say of small bands playing at The Republic (local pub) but local hip-hop artists. How would you describe happiness? Finn: I think it's a balance of how much you look into the future and past, its a time thing for me. Some people have a strong connection with memories and the past - you can dwell on things too much and some people feed off it, which isn't good. Moving on and enjoying the moment is really what makes you happy. Allan: Happiness is so unique to each person, something awesome was playing at Falls which was a goal of ours - might not mean anything to someone else. Finn: We are lucky enough to always have something to look forward too, even if you are feeling down you can think, shit yeah I have that coming up! What are three things you like/appreciate about each other?Allan: Finn has a good creative drive, he's down to earth and he loves a Cassie Blue..   Finn: He loves learning, for example the other day I made this really good salad dressing and Allen loved it, and then he immediately wanted to learn that off me. (fish sauce, lime juice, coconut milk, sugar, garlic, ginger, chillies and pepper). He is really fair, and also very down to earth. If you could host a music festival - what would it be like?Allan: Like Faux Mo - really kooky, very surreal and alot to explore. Finn: Lots of unexpected twists. Allan: There is all genres of music represented also. Finn: Getting really in touch with the audience - for example if you clash bands that are similar you may cause a ruckus. Having people who know the music. My favourite thing about Falls was that King Gizzard and the lizard Wizard, Mac DeMarco and Courtney Barnett were all friends, and they created a family atmosphere and all hung out at each others gig - so that was cool to see. Booking people that know each other would be really cool. Allan: We would headline, and have fireworks. Do you think in this day and age its difficult to pursue a creative music career? Finn: I think to be original and unique you have to take the next step. Everyone can make songs and produce in their bedroom, and every second person does that. Its hard to make it. It's easier than its use to be though. Creativity is idolised lots more. Allan: What you see on the surface, is not really whats involved, there are alot of expenses - we are lucky because there is only two of us and we know how to do production and mixing. Finn: These days with the creativity, you can do alot more yourself - and you just pay people to do management and publicity. A while ago you would have payed more to producers and mixers instead. Allan: Sadly because of the vast amount of music that is being made these days, and the huge amount of content that is available online - to stick out through it and make waves is pretty tricky.

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