Describe your music taste? Quite cool really. I honestly like every genre, I get around T- Swift. I went through a stage where I listened to Mozart and Beethoven on the bus, and my friends would get on the bus and be like 'Marnie what the hell are you doing.' I like everything! One of my favourites since year 9 have been Smith Street Band.... I have their lyrics tattooed on my leg... Whats the best place in Hobart to see live music? The Brisbane. It's just such a good vibe - I've never met a mean person there, everyone is just so lovely and so awesome, it is such a sick place to be! I feel really good when I am there. I went on a date there once it was really cute. What are you currently obsessed with? Oh man. This is hell embarrassing but Gossip Girl. This is even more embarrassing. It's my third time seeing mums even getting around it! I'm also obsessed with Posca Pens, I walk up and down my street drawing on the telegraph poles.. I'm practically Banksy. What makes you happy? Being with friends, I love to be around people - when i'm around people I'm happy. And my sister Zoe, she's just so awesome! I'm always at her house and it's super chilled out, no responsibilities. And at the beach - I love the beach. Oh and in my room drawing. I have alot of happy places. If you could teleport anywhere right now where would you go? I've always wanted to go to England. I don't know why. I think it might be the history, or Hawaii. I love the idea of being there (I've been watching too many Alana Blanchard videos, i'm obsessed with her too). What are you proud of in your life so far? The friends that I have made, I have made alot of awesome friends who I know I can trust. I have not let anything get between me and my friends - which is pretty awesome. So many people lose friendships over stupid things these days. If you could design/host a music festival, what would it be like? It would either be in a massive field or in a forest. Oh man this is such a responsibility. It would be super chill, it would be called 'The Forest Fairy Party' I'd have Smith Street play, Front Bottoms, Angus and Julia Stone, The Beautiful Girls and Anjelique Kidjo. There would be so much glitter, I don't care what people say about glitter its my favourite thing ever and I wish it was socially acceptable to wear it everyday.