Describe your music taste Well it's very influenced by alot of people, to describe it would be tricky. It's influenced by my dad, thats been huge. And my friends and the road-trips we go on, you take what you like out of those trips which is nice. What are some of your favourite bands? Well lately i've been listening to heaps of The Beatles, they have such a range of stuff. Listening to a heap of Arcade Fire too. My favourite of all time are The Eels, I always come back to them. Best band you have seen live? Grizzly Bear were awesome at Falls Festival, it was cool because it was me and this one other mate and it was the best. Bruce Springsteen was amazing live too, as a show it was rad. Sufjan Stevens was magical, different than the others but magical. What makes you uncomfortable? I guess, many social situations make me uncomfortable unfortunately, part of the struggle but thats okay. Speaking. Just lots of social situations. What are you currently obsessed with? I'm really enjoying reality TV at the moment, which is really interesting. I'm not sure why that is, I think it's nice that it's always on. It's a comfort. How would you describe happiness? It's being absolutely yourself. 100%. and just feeling like you don't have to be anyone else, you can be truly yourself in every sense of the word and not holding back at all. Being and saying exactly who you are. Also when you have these realizations, when your writing something down, or anything, when your feeling content and just be accepting of the moment right now. If you could teleport somewhere right now where would it be? It would be to Waterfall Bay, at Eagle Hawk Neck - where you can walk right down to where the water comes off the cliff. Favourite day of the week and why? Monday if i'm not working, start of the week, I can be productive. Then if I am working, it would be Sunday because I always forget that Survivor is on and then you tell me it's on and i'm stoked.


Owens Playlist

Radiohead - Weird Fishes

Tame Impala - Why Won't They Talk To Me

Sufjan Stevens - Chicago

Gorillaz - Don't Get Lost In Heaven/Demon Days

Gomez - Girlshapedlovedrug