How would you describe your taste in music? I use to be a really hardcore music fan, post-hardcore, anything that a 15 year old would listen to. Now I just like anything that makes me feel relaxed. My closest friend use to own a (sick) sports car with an amazing sound system, and my favourite memories are driving with him and listening to music, singing along. I like anything that reminds me of being with people I love, and music that makes me feel at home. Who or what inspires you? I’m really inspired by anyone who feels comfortable with who they are. Regardless or if they are successful, good looking or rich. Maybe these people are not where they want to be, but they are comfortable with where they are now, which is something I really struggle with. I am really inspired by my mum, who has worked her whole life to give me everything. She’s amazing. I’m also inspired by anyone who works a 12 hour day running their own business, especially coffee shops because I would love to do that. And lastly i’m inspired by people who do what makes them happy even if it’s considered uncool because i’m defiantly trying to get better at not worrying about what people think. Do you consider yourself a happy person? Well last year i took a year off, and decided to stop drinking and took time out to find who I was when I wasn’t a ‘party animal’ – now i’m taking another year off to workout who I am outside of alot of stuff. I’m working on feeling more at home in my own sense, I feel like alot of people are not at home in their own bodies – and we treat it like we are renting it. I’ve always believed that my life will start when this happens, or that. But i’ve realised that this is it, everything is happening right now. It’s here and it’s crazy! I do think I’m happy but i’m trying to learn that happiness isn’t given to us, it doesn’t occur when something else happens to us, it’s something that comes from  yourself and you have to create it. Things that make me happy are; I love going out for breakfast, I love black coffee, snuggling up with my friends (i’m huge on physical contact), I love extra good apples, discounts on berries, wearing a really comfortable pair of shoes, I love taking my shoes off, I like it when it’s hot and a little bit windy, after it’s finished raining and the streets are really clean and the air smells clean, finding really good deals on online clothes. I’m also always really happy when i’m with someone and I look over and they are laughing thats nice. When the mood is contagious, that makes me really happy. What would you tell young girls in 2016 about body image? You are never as fat as you think you are. It’s an instrument in which I get to experience my life in, not a permanent place. It’s the home you grow up in, so you should not burn it to the ground and trash it – but at the same time it’s only temporary, eventually we are all just going to be feelings and memories. No one will remember the way that you look, they will remember the way that you made them feel. What are you proud of? I’m proud of little things, i can breach 5 plates (anyone who’s a waiter will know what I mean) but just so you know, it’s 4 dinner plates of 5 entree plates. I’m proud that I can shake 6 cocktails at once! I am proud of the fact that i am comfortable being alone, I don’t think alot of people our age are. Alot of days i’m just proud of getting up! What are you currently obsessed with? Black coffee and blueberries. They are a staple of my diet. Right now i’m obsessed with the weather in Hobart.  

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