How would you describe your taste in music? I would describe it as.... absolutely everything except country. I literally can't stand it - the twang in their voices. I love everything else though. What are your thoughts on pursuing a dream in 2016? (Yaminah is a music journalist) Well, I think i'm going to kill it this year. It's a little bit cocky but, i'm trying this new thing where I assert my dominance in all situations. So i'm just trying to just go for it, not that 20 is old but i feel like it's a year where you want to get your life rolling. But it's not going to happen if I don't work for it - so just hustling my way to the top. You have got to want it though. You have got to want it so badly. You can't just wake up one day and say 'I think I want to be a music journalist' - it's such a tough gig to get into. Only now i've just started writing for music websites and reviewing gigs and reviewing festivals. And i've been wanting this for a year and a half - you have to be so passionate about it. If you don't want it it's not worth it. How did you get into music journalism? Well I have always been into writing and last year at Party In The Paddock I was hanging out backstage and watching the other photographers and journalists do their thing, and I didn't know what type of journalism I wanted to get into - people would ask me and I would be like, 'breakfast news?' I had no idea. And then I thought hang on, I love music, I love live music, it touches my soul like nothing else I can't even explain it. And I just thought how much fun that would be if I could make it my job. I could be like, ok I have to go to work today but that means going to a music festival for three days, taking photos, write words, hang out with artists and drink beer. Then I use to start going to more gigs, writing reviews, reaching out to artists personally and ask for interviews. What are you currently obsessed with? Coconut Yoghurt, I love that so much. But Kit-Kats and Chocolate Milk. I love Kit-Kat's more than anything. I want one real bad right now. What is your biggest fear? Oh man. When I was little I use to be scared of other people. People are scary sometimes. Now that i'm older though i'm more scared of peoples judgements, and that people of authority can just say no your not good enough. And the thought that after all of the hard work I have been doing to get into journalism that i'm not doing what I want to do, and that scares me alot. What is happiness to you and do you believe you are a happy person? Yeah i'm such a happy person. I heard this thing once that you laugh on average about 18 minutes a day, but I reckon I laugh about 80 minutes a day. I laugh so much. So many things make me happy, little tiny things, miniture things. Like being in my bed with freshly washed hair and fresh sheets, skinny dipping in the ocean when there is no one else around, hot coffee umm spending time with my friends makes me super happy. I get alot of enjoyment out of buying things, but thats pretty generic. I try to find happiness in every little thing, I believe there is something happy in every situation. Lifes too short to be unhappy, it's pointless. I love happiness. Oh and curry makes me happy!! Kit-Kats and Chocolate Milk also! Everything!!! What achievements are you proud of? I'm pretty stoked that i'm 19 and writing for a music website, and reviewing gigs and getting my work published. I'm pretty proud of the photos that I take - I feel like photos are such a thing that you can look back on, there is no lying in photos. Honestly if you were sitting here with me a year ago, I would have never imagined that I would have been in this position right now. I have the best friends, I get to do what I love, I'm pretty stoked about that. It's funny because in high school I was always getting in trouble - and people were like 'Yaminah she's not really going to do much, she doesn't have a very good attention span, she's so obnoxious and loud' - but it's awesome now to be backstage at a music festival and taking photos, and having people that you went to high-school with usher you over wanting their photo taken! Look at me go!!! That makes me pretty stoked. If you could teleport anywhere right now, where would you go? If it was in a couple of months time I would say Coachella. Because who wouldn't want to be there. Right now though, I would choose to go to Mexico and take my friend Sarah from high-school, I reckon being on a beach, sipping on a corona and eating a taco with her would be so ideal right now.

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