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How would you describe your music taste? hmm. I'm going to say eclectic. It kinda depends, if i'm driving its bangers or nothing.. but if i'm cleaning my room its a whole different vibe. I'm always looking for a dance, so that influences my taste. Ideal date? Ok so. Starts off on a rooftop having a few drinks, we walk up to the Retro Vinnies in North Hobart which is open quite late on the weekends, buy some funky kids and go next door to the laundromat and take a few photos - and then go for a night swim and eat hot chips!! Where is home for you? I havn't been living in Hobart very long, but Tasmania is so homey for me. I feel so safe. It's the right place for me - maybe not forever but right now it feels good. You can drive 10 minutes and be anywhere, rainforest, beach, mountains... I feel very welcome here! What are you currently obsessed with? Well I only just got my licence, so i'm always driving around and listening to Rhiannon. My car is named Ringo, after Ringo Starr of course. Watermelon chewing gum, Mavers super spread.. (I feel like everything is going to be food!), long blacks.. How would you describe happiness and would you say you are a happy person? I am a very happy person. I don't know if its a choice, or its embedded in me but I have a very positive outlook, which I am so grateful for because speaking to people who don't feel that way... its pretty ruff. I don't know where this positive outlook comes from, if its a conditioning thing or what, I don't know if its something you can develop or train yourself to do, but whatever it is its so easy for me to walk down the street and see a nice cloud and it makes my day! I am so lucky. Things that make me happy are singing, dancing, skipping, flowers and the sky. It's just the little things. A bad day makes room for a better day. Dream travel destination? This is so easy for me!!!! India!!!! I've had this strange fascination since I was about 9, I think I was captivated by colour and chaos. India for me is so contrasting and chaotic - I want to experience that. Food, music, art and religion. It would be amazing! Who inspires you? Friends, I surround myself with people who I admire qualities in or want to be like. I have a vision of where i want to be, and that is my inspiration. What would you of liked to accomplish in 5 years? I would have liked to explored alot of places! And teaching yoga. I love hobart but I don't think its a super long-term thing. I wonder if I could survive in Melbourne. I'd also love to explore some environmental conservation work somewhere along the line. I have trust that everything will fall into place if I put myself in the right position! 

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