Describe your music taste. The main way I describe it would be rap haha! 95% gangsta rap. 5% DMA'S. What is your ideal date? Probably eating burgers, anywhere. A really big burger - maybe on a ski slope. Actually that would be pretty cool, spending the day snowboarding (if we were rich) and then eat a burger and a big milkshake. So if anyones down for that, if you know anyone? What is your biggest fear? Octopuses. Thats my number one biggest fear in the whole wide world. Land is humans element, and the water is not. An octopus is like a spider, in the water, but a whole lot bigger. Ever since I was little it's been my biggest fear, not even sharks. Octopuses. And did you know they can change size, colour and shape in a split second. Thats fucked up. What are you currently obsessed with? Plants Vs. Zombies... Again. Specifically the part maze breaker endless, addicted. It's on my phone, I have the app! It's free! Can I say burgers? How would you describe happiness, and are you a happy person? Generally I am a happy person, I have my sad moments like anyone though. I would describe happiness as eating a burger. When I think of happiness I think of my family. My mum, dad, brothers, thats how I picture happiness. If i'm unhappy I talk to my mum, she always gives me some good advice, it may be hard or mean but it's the truth. My mums a good person. What frustrates you? The list is endless. People who reply slow. When your with someone and they are on their phone, oh my god it makes me furious. Other things are people who are rude for no reason, I can deal with rudeness if you have a reason - but not if you don't. Slow drivers.  Who inspires you? I feel like it would defeat the purpose of the interview if I said mum again, but thats the honest truth. She is number one! She's the one that pushes me to do things, no matter what I do in life she supports me, if I want to do more she supports me, no matter what she is happy with it. Whether it is something she believes in or not. Zac Efron also inspires me. Actually all of High School my inspiration was Shaun White (the snowboarder). We did a project about who inspired us and I chose him, I think I just talked about him inspiring me to be a better snowboarder - but not only does he snowboard he is also started a massive house in which children suffering from illnesses can go and have fun and feel supported, which is pretty cool. If you could teleport anywhere right now where would it be? Can i teleport back? I wouldn't mind teleporting into the White House, while Barrak Obama is there, saying hey and then going again, I would never ever be allowed in there otherwise. I wouldn't mind teleporting into a bank, stealing some money and then teleporting back out again. Or back in time? That would be cool. I would see NWA in concert.