Describe your music taste? Its a mix of lots of things. Alot of olden Jazzy music, with a mix of new stuff too. My parents are religious, so I didn't grow up with mainstream music at all. So when I came here I had to start from the So Fresh CD's. For example Destiny's Child - I didn't go through that phase, so I went through it when everyone was older! I also listen to albums alot more than just songs. I just listen to one album for a month or two, and then switch it over. It's a whole story versus a sentence. If you listen to a whole bands album it makes so much more sense. What makes you uncomfortable? I think, stereotypes. Because you are assuming something about others that could be completely wrong. I make myself uncomfortable sometimes if i judge someone on the street based on what they look like or what they are doing, and I have to hold back and ask myself what are you doing Absi? What are you currently obsessed with? I updated my phone yesterday, and the notes section has changed - you can now scribble and draw so i've been just getting my phone out and drawing! I'll be on the bus just scribbling. It's great. I'm also obsessed with Murakami hes a Japanese author, it's hard to explain but he writes about things that are not really real, somewhat spiritual. So i've been reading lots of his books and I like the fact that he makes it so normal to be out of this world. What achievements are you proud of? I think i'm proud of making the decision to stop University and take a break for a while. Because it takes alot of guts when the whole of society is telling you that you need to get a degree now, it took me a while to realize that I just need to listen to myself and not everything around me. I just decided that I wanted to find my passion before I found my career. Everyone should be trying to improve themselves and trying to get better all the time though. How would you describe happiness, and are you a happy person? Unhappiness is when you have high expectations don't meet reality. So happiness is when you are not expecting much of yourself and people around you, but you are willing to give as much as you can, I think that can make someone happier. I don't think anyone is happy all the time, but the fact that people experience happiness and unhappiness makes the happiness even more intense. I am generally a happy person, but I have a few things I need to do to make sure I am happy on the inside. For example finding time with my little cousins, seeing them learn and experience everything around them for the first time makes me happy. And listening to music, sitting on my bed and having a cup of tea, just little things like that, that maybe some people look past. What is your favourite day of the week? Sundays. It seems like its always sunny and happy, and that everyone is in a good mood. Everyone always makes the most of Sundays. Sunday best. If you could teleport anywhere right now where would it be? I'd be in Addias Ababa, Ethiopia with my sister. Because there is this cute Jazz cafe where we went last year - and we just would sit and talk, I rarely see her and it would be so nice.