Describe your music taste? Currently, more alternative. But everything goes. If it's to the point of abusive and angry... then I might not get into it. Never been much into country either. I like The Strokes, Yeah Yeah's, Beach House, Bombay Bicycle Club, Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Life revolves around music, I could never live without it. What is your ideal date? A hike would be pretty good. Probably start at a cafe though. I think, it would be more a day thing - not at a bar, get to know them in a sober state. What is your biggest fear? Letting people down, i'm really big on that, almost too much. And lately, wasting time. The last few years have been really good but I don't ever want to regret anything, or waste anything. How would you describe happiness? Happiness is to me, being comfortable. It's all to do with yourself, being comfortable with yourself. I think alot of it is relationships - not just romantic ones, but with other people. It's what we all crave, well healthy ones. I think that makes or breaks happiness. Being more kindhearted is also a big one. And balance, I always get that wrong. I tend to worry and obsess, and i'll focus too much on just one thing and not balance everything out. I am a happy person right now, alot more than the past few years, I have had some rough times but I am alot happier now. Understanding myself, and understanding other people has made me a much happier person. What are you currently obsessed with? Music always... but apart from that. Learning! I'm always on YouTube or reading. I'm obsessed with evolution at the moment. I have a really weird obsession, I get up this website called and it has all these different statistics about everything, internet access... money spent,.. population.. I find it really interesting. I always want to be up to date on everything. On average, the world population increases by the population of Hobart every day. Over 200,000 people each day. If you could teleport somewhere right now, where would it be? Probably Stockholm, or Copenhagen. I really want to visit Scandinavia, that really appeals to me. Especially Sweden, alot of good bands come out of there.