Describe your music taste? Changing. When I first got into music I really loved acoustic based things, these days i'm moving more into different things. I'm a sucker for music that sounds good when it's stripped back. I don't like music thats too complicated. More electronic stuff that sounds good stripped back would be Passion Pit or Naked and Famous. What makes you uncomfortable? I guess being in new places. If I get thrown in a situation where I have no idea whats going on, I find it good - but challenging. What are you scared of? Girls.. Nah um.. I'm scared of becoming boring. I hope it doesn't happen, that I fade away. I don't want to have the same routine, doing the same thing day in day out, that would be incredibly boring. What are you currently obsessed with? Live music, because i'm going up to Melbourne so much and seeing lots of great music. Thats the thing thats driving me to go places. I really liked seeing Bombay Bicycle Club at Falls Festival a couple of years ago, they were at the perfect late afternoon slot and it was so much fun. How would you describe happiness, and are you a happy person? I feel like happiness is the place in which you feel most comfortable. Somewhere where you don't have to worry about anything, where you can be yourself. I'm a happy person most of the time.. if i'm not I clear my head with exercise or music, or just watch TV with some good food! That brings you back up again for sure. Ultimate road trip band? Bombay Bicycle Club.. I'm going back to them again but I guess I use to listen to their album every time I drove to an exam, year 11, 12, and Uni. It use to be a 40 minute drive from my place to school, they are such a good driving band. If you could teleport anywhere right now where would it be? Somewhere warm. The autumn blues are bringing me down again! Tahiti. Whenever I watch the surfing, those mountains in the background.. It's unreal. Tahiti is in the middle of the South Pacific, as far away as you can get. It's awesome.