Royoko, Shintaro & Yoshiro




 I stayed with Ryoko and her two boys on my first few night in Japan - she has a lovely house full of plants and is the editor of "Seventeen" magazine Japan. Ryoko speaks some English, so she translated her sons for me and we talked and wrote to connect what I was asking and she was saying. Yoshiro hadn't slept all night so his cute face unfortunately isn't in the photos. This will be the first of many Japan editions of the Playlist Project. 



Describe your music taste?   I love pop music and I like electronic music too, for example Bjork. I like Mika too - he is French and 8 years ago  I went to a summer festival and saw him and I loved it. Normally I listen to Japanese pop music, especially Kat-tun. What are you passionate about? Travel, lots of travel. When I was 19 years old I travelled alone for the first time, I went to Paris for one month. I loved it, next I would like to go to Morocco or Byron Bay! And sharing happiness with other people, I am passionate about that. What makes you happy? Meeting new people, like you. And meeting new cultures, new food and new love! Three years ago I stayed in an Air BnB in Compenhagen, she was a single mother and she has a boy who is 6 years old - she is very kind and shared her life with me,  got so much love for her and I want to give back. That is why I started Air BnB - I really enjoy this, meeting new people, it makes me happy. 




Mika - Grace Kelly

 Kat-Kun - Sweet Chain 

Twice - Ooh-Aah  



Shintaro and Yoshiro  

Favourite food? S: Omu-Rice (Omlette with Chicken) Y: bread! What are you scared of? S: Ghosts and Zombies. Y: Pirates! If you could be an animal what would you be? S: Bird Y:  I want to be an elephant, and a lion. What makes you happy? S: Playing with friends and make space ships with boxes, I also love Disney Land. Y: Currypanman (This is a popular Japanese cartoon, which is essentially bread. He walks around the city and if he sees a child hungry he gives the child some of his head, which is bread). 



  Japanese Cartoon opening song

Another opening Song