Me and Margaux met at Green Room festival in Yokohama, two days filled with art, film and music. She is a lover of surfing and is an artist for RVCA. 

Describe your music taste? I love African music, African blues. I have been listening to a lot of different music since I was little, going to Morocco when I was young we would road trip and put it on in the car. I love African beats and blues, I could listen to it all day long. What are you passionate about? I am into a lot of things. I surf a lot, so I love surfing - and travelling. I just have been travelling so much. Japan is one of my favourite places. My favourite type of travel is when you are so lost, and you feel the travel and the dirt. What makes you happy? I think being passionate about something makes me happy, otherwise I am lost.



Margaux's aylist  

Ali Farka Touré  - The River (full album of goodness) 

Hester - Wake Blue

La Femme - Sphynx