Zach & Jaime


I met Jaime when I first travelled to Japan in January 2015, this time we reunited with her lover at an arts, music and surf festival in Japan and then again in Tokyo to eat coconut icecream and talk music. These two are adorable and I cannot wait to visit them again soon. 

What type of music do you like? Zach: There is fewer that I don't like, like country. Jaime: I don't like Opera very much.. Zach: Indie-rock, Hip-hop, alternative. Do you have a first memory of really getting into music? Zach: Probably Church when I was younger. JaimeI grew up playing the Violin, so that and listening to Abba and The Beatles in my mom's car. Zach: Oh yeah listening to Sting on road trips. What made you decide that you wanted to start making music together? Zach: For me, it has always been an interest of mine. Kinda a 'what if' kinda thing. I was almost going to drop out of school and pursue it 100%, I was talked out of it thank god but ah it has always been something I wanted to try. Jaime: I graduated college and then came back here thinking I was going to pursue something in entertainment, singing or performance. So I think that when I met Zach, and we sat at the airport just talking about heaps of music, and I was letting him listen to singing videos that I had on my phone and he would show me his guitar riffs; that was the first time that we met. I never put myself out there, and Zach never put himself out there so I think the fact that we found someone else that has these interests and talents, we are both in it together. From there we just started posting stuff online! Ultimately, where would you like to get to with music? Zach: Have an album. JJaime: If I can have just like, 100 real fans haha. People that are invested in our music, and want to listen to our music. Even gathering 100 is hard. Are there any particular artists that have influenced your music? Zach: Ben Gibbard, who is the lead vocalist for Death Cab for Cutie. Jaime: For Zach it's more about style and guitar, for me it's voice specifically. Tame Impala oh my god. Zach: From a sound perspective, they know how to rock. Head and the Heart as well, just because I was able to see them go from such a small time band to now in a couple of years, it's not the most far fetched thing.  What do you like about each other? Zach: I think the biggest thing is that Jamie pushes me to pursue creative things, whereas I wouldn't without here - I think I would be in a pretty boring place if I didn't have her in my life. I think it's nice to have someone pushing you, it's motivating. Jaime: I think for me, for example when I am upset about something or when i'm stressed out; he knows how to deal with my emotions so well. Sometimes you just need a hug and someone to be silly around, instead of them giving you advice - and I like that Zach does that. He knows exactly when to show me something from Spongebob and we will laugh it off. He doesn't take things too seriously and he knows I usually don't either. What makes you happy? JaimeCoconut ice cream... actually anything coconut. I frickin' love coconut. Music, fashion is huge for me. Food as well! Cooking and creating! Oh and puppies make us real happy Zach: Spongebob. 

Check out their music! @zachtojay