Met this lady in Byron with my beautiful friend Gabi. We shared some great times and connected through our tattoos symbolising a love for space and something bigger in the world. 

Describe your music taste? It's a mix between carefree/alternative music.. psychedelic rock! I love the sound of Ball Park Music, and Tame Impala! I could never live without music, it dictates my mood! If i'm in a good mood it will be emphasised by music, and if i'm in a sad or nostalgic mood it will ease the pain. Bands you have seen live? Coldplay was amazing. Ball Park Music blows me away every time. Bluejuice! It was their second last show so they went off.  What makes you uncomfortable? Eyeballs!!!! I have this weird fear of eyeballs, getting things in them, touching them.. popping.. Current obsession? Avocado on toast with a tonne of salt. I know thats not, exciting. But avocado on toast. It's just SO good! How would you describe happiness? This feeling, I always get it when i'm driving and it's golden hour when the suns just about to set and i'm listening to good music, the weather is beautiful and you are just so content with everything. Contentment is a really nice form of happiness. Ultimate road trip song? Just for our sake Gabi, Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten. Windows down, singing along with your friends. So good. What achievements are you proud of? I'm proud of going and travelling Europe solo for three months, that was really tough but i'm glad I did it. And i'm proud that I listened to myself when I was at Uni in Brisbane and was not enjoying it and decided to move back to Byron to study instead. It's hard to go against the grain, and that felt great. Favourite day of the week? Fridays, the excitement for the weekend of course! "Yes, its here"!!!!