Whats the best thing thats happened to you today? Seeing Aunty Donna, they were pretty funny. Having a burger, it was a beef and bacon burger, it was pretty good. I also went for a swim that was really nice!! Whats your favourite thing about The Falls Festival? Seeing the acts, seeing people you usually wouldn't see and them coming to Tasmania! I am looking forward to Childish Gambino, I like any of the songs where he mentions his mamma. But I'm more excited for Jamie T, i've loved him for about 4 years - he had a show I missed in Melbourne last year. If you could only bring three things to a festival, what would they be? Alcohol, a camera and a good outfit. I actually don't have a good outfit today* 

*editors note: I think it's cute. 

Childish Gambino - Me And Your Mama

Jamie T - Shelia

Vallis Alps - Oh! 

This interview is part of a collaboration with The Falls Festival!