Tell me about the outfit you are wearing? My colourful shirt is from Rome. These shorts are also from Rome, and I've got the gumboots purely for conveniance. And the thick socks because the gumboots are too big. And i'm eating an orange to keep up my vitiman C levels. I've also got sunglasses to keep the rays off my face, and in-case you see someone you don't want to see. Whats the best thing thats happened today? The beach was so nice this morning. It was warm but only once you get numb, it was nice seeing everyone down there. Who are you most excited to see at The Falls Festival? Matt Corby and DMA'S. Well I met the DMA'S in Madrid in a small bar after their concert, and we were chatting and they asked if me and my friend wanted to go with them to some bars so we did, they then found out we were Tasmanian so invited us along to Falls Festival (got some nice tickets!). My brother here owes me a lot for the free ticket :P 

Mumford And Sons - Hot Gates

Matt Corby - Light Home

Solomon Burke - Cry To Me

This interview is part of a collaboration with The Falls Festival!