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Age: 19

Occupation: Full-time student, Media and communications @ RMIT

What are you wearing today? I'm wearing a Minkpink dress, a Lack of Colour hat, The Lair belt and a Sportsgirl coat.   How would you define you're style?Black and white...  What do you think is the best and worst thing about our generation?   Um, I think the best is how connected we all stay with each other all the time, even if it is just online. You're always checking up and seeing what everyone is doing. The worst is - people seem to be alot more involved in themselves alot of the time.    What is the meaning of happiness to you?   Happiness is, being with someone that you love while the sun is shining - and you're just being lazy. What has made you happy today?  Having a little adventure and doing fun stuff, just being a little bit more creative than I usually am.  Favourite song of the week? Oh Wonder - Lose It (Jerry Folk Remix).   Typical sunday night?  If not hungover, hopefully just making dinner and hanging out.. maybe with my roommate...  If you had one more hour to live, what would you do?  Get everyone that I love together and have music and food, and just hang out with everyone. Maybe on the beach... in...Costa Rica

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