I met Chloe in Wanaka, NZ and she took me to the most beautiful cafe. 

Describe your music taste? I like alot of stuff. I guess I like electronic and alternative. I have moods where I like different music. Sometimes i'm into more chilled out music, and sometimes more electronic depending on how i'm feeling. I couldn't live without music, i'm always always listening to music. It's always on my mind. What makes you uncomfortable? People who think they are better than you are. I don't really like being by myself in public, I like to be with someone most of the time. What are you currently obsessed with? Ok i'm going to confess, i'm really into Korean music. My friends were into it and showed me this song, and I loved it, and now i'm hooked. I'm really into that, and from there I found heaps of Korean fashion Instagrams which are really inspiring me. How would you describe happiness? Feeling at peace, or feeling completely comfortable. Having fun in your life and feeling like you belong! I am a pretty happy person, because I know whats coming for my future which makes me excited and happy. I don't feel like i'm at my potential yet for my happiness, but I can feel it!!! If you could teleport anywhere right now, where would it be? NEW YORK! Just the amount of people I see there, that are doing amazing things, doing what they love, the opportunities they are given there. And it's also just beautiful! I'm really attracted to the streets there! Favourite day of the week? Saturdays, it's my first sleep-in of the week after waking up for school every day.