Describe your music taste? It's a bit of everything really. Mostly indie pop, alternative I guess! I'll occasionally shamefully listen to Justin Bieber. I always listen to music, on the weekends, going to the gym. Favourite band you have seen live? Ball Park Music is definitely up there, and Architecture In Helsinki.  I would love to see Florence and the Machine, that would be incredible. I'm seeing Paul Dempsey on Saturday and i'm really excited about that. What makes you uncomfortable? When people are rude to other people, and when people are judgemental - especially when with a group of people. Just negativity in general. Current Obsession? Avocados. Always. They are at a good price now! My favourite combo is just avocado on toast. How would you describe happiness? Not having things to worry about. Having things around you that bring you happiness and joy; the little things. Time to yourself on the weekends, going out for coffee, meeting new people, watering my plants. If you could teleport somewhere right now, where would it be? I want to go to Iceland, hopefully i'm going to be going there next year for my medical elective. Favourite day of the week and why? The day before Friday, it's nearly the weekend and that feels good!