Describe your music taste? Something kinda, extra terrestrial; the beginning of the song the atmosphere is set, some various voices and samples of people speaking (that classic one of the guy talking about democracy). And i've been recently listening to a bit of funk - so a funk bass line will come in and it will slowly progress, without you really realizing it, until the point that you do realize that you are standing up and dancing. A song that tricks you into dancing is a good song. What are some of your favourite bands? I've always been a fan of Bon Iver, I think he's really good. His new stuff is kinda like when Chet Faker and Flume did that song, Drop The Game and I thought it was stupid, but a month or so later I fucking loved it. I'm still waiting for that moment with his new album though. I listen to Rufus heaps, especially their newer stuff. I loved their song 'Inner Bloom' it's very atmospheric. Kool And The Gang, i've been listening to heaps of them recently. They were this awesome band years ago, they are funky with a bit of hip-hop! They play this song that in my old share-house, was our theme tune. It's called 'Get Down On It' Best band you have seen live? Vallis Alps, at Party In The Paddock. Because I was working there, I got to go backstage and meet them. It was me, this Canadian Journalist student and Hugh; (he was there but he wasn't really there), and the band members. They were telling us the story of how they met; one is from Seattle and the other from Canberra, and they met in Israel which is random, and then got along and were both making music at the time. He went back to Seattle and was working in a studio, and he had it free for a few weeks so called up the girl from Canberra and for some reason she was flexible enough to fly over there and they made their first album! So it was as if the story, and getting to know them made the performance, it was more personal. What makes you uncomfortable? If you are having a conversation with someone, and it doesn't start off very well then it can very quickly spiral into uncomfortableness. You know your doing it when you have a sip of water and you are not really thirsty. Oh also bad coffee art. What makes you happy? I often find it's when I am being observational in a situation. For example if you are out with friends, or having lunch and there is a break in your involvement in the conversation - and you can sit back and just observe the situation and how great it is. I do like having my hobbies, the feeling of getting things done; a nice design finished, or a knitting project, or editing a film i've been working on. It's good to know that as well, so if I am feeling stressed or down I know what I can fall back on. If you could teleport anywhere right now, where would it be? can it be back in time? My favourite bar in Hobart is called 'South Seas;' you can fit about 12 people in there, its a Tiki bar. I'd like to teleport to the place where the Tiki bar was invented as such, the south part of America, Caribbean area I think. They have these amazing cups back then which we don't appreciate now, also it was in the 60's so the music then was awesome.