Describe your music taste? Indie-rock. I couldn't live without music, I always listen when I study.. In the car.. In the bath.. all the time!!! Whats the best band you have seen live? I have seen alot of people! Can I list a few? Florence and the Machine, M83, Tame Impala! Open'er Festival in Poland was where I saw all of them. Monsters of Men would be my favourite though, I saw them in Sydney at a really intimate show a while ago. What makes you uncomfortable? Interviews... oh god. Alot of things. I hate being around people who are stressed out, I like relaxing environments which is hard to find at Uni. What makes you happy? umm my family, and friends and Tasmania! Tassie is the best place ever for happiness, all the beaches and wilderness is so great. Socks, and stationary also! I'm a stationary snob. What achievements are you proud of? Going to Poland to study for 6 months.. I can't believe I lasted that long away from my family and Tassie. I am so happy I did it though. I did it so easily, and I would do it again. But maybe not so far away. Favourite food? Nachos. I nearly died when I was in Poland because you couldn't buy the right ingredients for them. If you could teleport anywhere right now, where would it be? Bay Of Fires! It's literally my favourite place in the whole world and it's right here in Tassie! There is nobody there and it's so great.