The Found Space is an awesome Photography Rental Studio based in San Francisco. We’ve been working with photographers, videographers, and artists offering them unbeatable rates on our professional equipment and studio space. We have all the amenities you need to turn concept into reality, including cutting edge lighting equipment, cameras, and so much more. Contact us today to start working with our amazing staff on your next project.

Parking & Entrance

Feel free to park on Parry Avenue or Commerce Street just around the corner. For a visual diagram, click here!


We are located right across the street from Fair Park!  The building entrance is a dark green door to the right of the Firefighter Museum. To the left of the door is a keypad.  Dial 201 to call us so we can buzz you in!


Our studio is on the second floor.  Once you go up the elevator, we are the first door to your right!  Suite 201!